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The ZTW team is working hard to convert this Wiki service into a useful web-portal that will represent a trio-major: Zen Toolworks Catalog, ZTW Product Documentation, Interactive Community Portal for the "Do It Yourself-er". We are restructuring this Wiki service to provide a more intuitive layout. The content and layout within will change over the next few weeks months as we update our documentation and create our final design and navigation system that makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

If you would like an account and don't have one already on our Wiki system, click here and send us an email! You'll receive an email from the Wiki system with your random temporary password to login. From there you can change your password and customize your settings, or just dive right into the Wiki pages. Don't forget to make your own page by clicking on your name (top-right once logged in) and show off your CNC rig, custom works, finished products, and anything else you may have that is CNC related!

FEATURED: VACUUM DEVICE FOR THE ZEN 7x7 (by Sparky) One of the most common issues facing the CNC community is how to deal with the material shavings. So many different solutions have been designed and sold, but, none of them have won the "one size fits all" award. It is common for the CNC user to build their own, custom to the CNC machine as well as their work environment. We'd like to show off an awesome project created by a user in the Zen Community. Our forum user, Sparky, put in the time to build a very nice "Vacuum Boot" that fits nicely onto a Zen Toolworks CNC 7x7 Machine.

Check out Sparky's Wiki article for details and files

Whether you use a vacuum or a brush to sweep the dust away, material shavings will be there after every job you run. Management is necessary. Eventually, you will want to automate this process in some way that makes sense and the entire job easier to do. We always suggest the "Do It Yourself" method of design and implementation. Like always, we'll highlight your model on the Zen Toolworks network so that the folks who are struggling to solve the same problem can see it and use it too.

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...more to come...

The Most Frequently Asked Questions (in development)

3D Printing Related Topics(under construction):

We try to provide a step by step and easy to follow instruction on 3D printing with ZTW CNC kit. It is still working in progress and any suggestions from our customers will be appreciated.

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Got Feedback?
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If you see something missing or would like to have something included, or if you have some constructive feedback or criticism, we would love to hear it! Don't worry about hurting our feelings. We have thick skin and can take it!
Get Involved!
Our system is open for those who want to help contribute helpful and educational information. You need not worry whether you are placing content in the right location. All contributions will be reviewed and if necessary, moved to a more relevant location in the system and if needed -- formatted to comply with any standards the website has adopted.

Editing Wiki Pages

  • MediaWiki Manual - A starting point to learn "How to edit and format" wiki pages using the wiki markup language.
  • Development Guide - The page that has links to everything else! Learn Style Guides, Magic Key Words (and numbers), and everything else.
  • Advanced Manual - Dubbed "The Missing Manual", this extensive reference book covers everything you didn't know existed...
  • Markup cheatsheet - A quick cheat-sheet describing how to use a few of the very common formatting options when editing a wiki page.
  • MediaWiki FAQ - The wonderful Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the world of Wiki and using the MediaWiki system.

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