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The DIY CNC 7x7 and the DIY CNC 12x12 kit provides hobbyists with a very affordable system that otherwise is thousands of dollars more.

"Finally, you can build and own your very own CNC machine for a price that's within your budget!"

The body of the machine is constructed with high density PVC boards. Steel guide rod, linear bearing and stainless steel lead screws are used to construct the moving parts. The anti-backlash brass nut design will virtually eliminate all backlashes. New Nema 17 motors (2 phases, 1.3A, 1.8°, 4 leads) for all three axis are also included. The install is very easy. And if you have some type of vise and a power screw driver -- it's even easier.

The install instruction CD is included in the package. Assembling the CNC is very fun and only takes around 3-4 hours to complete. You will be amazed by what can be achieved with this machine.

Zen Toolworks CNC 7x7 DIY Kit

When you purchase, you will be invited to join our member-only discussion forum. This is a good place to get support and learn from other CNC users and share your own knowledge.

The 7x7" CNC Kit includes:

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Mach3 TB6560 Base Config
Put this in your (C:\>Mach3) directory. Starting Mach3, select the "Mach3 Zen TB6560 option.
This files has helped many folks who for one reason or another, can not get their kits to operate correctly.

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