Zen Vacuum Boot by Sparky

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In the world of CNC, there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat. But every once in a while, a design comes along that is just... "Cool"!

ZenVac 0707 Prototype

Zen Toolworks has seen some of the most creative designs from its customer base. Zen contributors are marveled as they create their own CNC accessories using the very CNC system they purchased from the Zen Toolworks Store. They share their successes and failures in many different ways - some as stories, some as written documentation, some as videos or images. But, no matter what the content or how much was created, it is a tremendous help in keeping an online community active and moving forward. We at Zen Toolworks value this and appreciate their efforts.

One of the most recent Zen contributors had been working steadily on a personal project that is designed to remove the particle build-up (saw dust) created during a job.

A PDF overview of the ZenVac System

Sparky never actually intended this to be a comprehensive tutorial, much less for public display. A forum discussion (view here) turned project management perked Sparky's creative senses and the motivating feeling of "Get'ER Done!" kicked in.

We followed the development of this discussion and asked Sparky if we could highlight the development on our Wiki site - He agreed!

ZenVac GCode

Here is the GCode used to create the parts.

ZenVac GCode for the 1/2" MDF board [Download]

ZenVac Half-Inch MDF.jpg

ZenVac GCode for the 1/8" Fiberboard [Download]

ZenVac Eighth-Inch Fiberboard.jpg

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