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Zen Toolworks Stainless Steel Lead Screws

ZTW's CNC machine kits come with leadscrews and antibacklash nuts to eliminate the backlash. There are three types of leadscrews we carry. One is our entry level leadscrew that has 1.25 mm lead. Next is our F8 leadscrew, which has a 8 mm lead. Lastly, we offer an F20 with 20mm of lead. Below is the total length(mm) of the leadscrews on different axis.

X Y Z Z for 3D
7x7 360 360 200 300
7x12 511 360 200 300
12x12 511 511 200 300

Our Regular leadscrew is using brass anti backlash, and our F8 is using Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene and brass for anti-backlash assembly.


Lead Screw Types and Differences

  Here at Zen Toolworks, we have 3 different lead screws we use throughout our different machine sizes. You may have seen us use the term F8 or M8x1.25, and we want to clarify for you what these different lead screws are and how they differ from one another.

The 3 different lead screws we use are:
     • M8x1.25
     • F8
     • F20

  While all of these lead screws have approximately the same outer diameter of 8mm, where they differ is in the threads.

  The M8x1.25 is just that. It is a piece of “all-thread” with standard metric size of M8x1.25. Same threads as you would find on a bolt at your local hardware store. The thread pitch of 1.25 means for us that when your stepper motor does a full rotation of 360°, the machine moves linearly, a distance of 1.25mm. That is a pretty small distance for only one revolution of your stepper motor, and therefore the end result is a slow moving machine. Max speed you can move with these lead screws is around 400mm/min. For some users, a slow machine is not a big deal, but for others, speed is important. With these lead screws we are using a brass anti-backlash nut design to help eliminate nearly all backlash.

  The F8 Lead Screw from Zen Toolworks is our standard for CNC. It is precision made from Stainless Steel, and uses an ACME style thread, which is designed for the purpose of linear motion. The F8 means that for every 360° rotation of your stepper motor, the machine moves linearly a distance of 8mm. This makes for a faster machine that can easily move around your machine at speeds of around 2200mm/min. The other benefit of our F8 Lead Screw is the anti-backlash nut design. We utilize a spring-loaded UHMW plastic nut to virtually eliminate all backlash and provide a smooth, low maintenance system. For a combination of the best accuracy, precision, speed, and low maintenance, the F8 lead screws are your best choice.

  Lastly, we offer an F20 lead screw as an upgrade to any of our kits. I know what you are thinking, “that is fast!” You are right, they are fast. For every 360° rotation of your stepper motor these will move your machine 20mm linearly. They are manufactured in the same way as our F8’s, precision stainless steel, Acme style thread, and UHMW plastic anti-backlash nut design. These lead screws are designed for situations where high torque is not required like 3D Printing, or cutting foam at high speeds. They are not meant for many milling applications where you will need more force pushing the cutting tool through your material. If you are planning on using your Zen Toolworks machine for 3D Printing, the F20 lead screws are a great choice!

Shown below are our 3 lead screws side by side. On top F20, Middle F8, Bottom M8x1.25 2motcop.jpg

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