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The Zen Toolworks DC Spindle motor comes with a precision Jacobs chuck that can accept 0.3 - 4mm drill bits or end mills. The speed can be adjusted from 5000 rpm (24v) to 10000 rpm (48v). The optimum operation input voltage is between 26 - 32V. The brushes can be replaced, and one set of extra brush is included in the package. It also come with the holding frames that you can easily put onto your CNC machine, hardware packet is also included. It should be noted that running the motor near its upper limits will produce extra heat, common sense should be used here to avoid thermal problems or possible burns.

Zen Toolworks DC Spindle Kit


Technical Overview

Diameter: 2" max.
Length: 5" (w/o bit)
Nominal Voltage: 24-48VDC
Operating Voltage: 26-32VDC
Operating Speed (RPM): 5,000 - 10,000
Chuck Type: Jacobs 3-Jaw Chuck (0.3 - 4mm)
Compatible Bit Sizes: 0.3 - 4mm drill, carving or end mill bits

Voltage and RPM

An independent unloaded voltage vs speed test:

Voltage         RPM
35              7860
34.2            7680
33.4            7500
32.6            7320
31.8            7200
31              6960
30.0            6780
29.2            6600
28.4            6360
27.6            6240
26.8            6030
26.0            5850
25.2            5670
24.4            5460
23.6            5310
22.8            5100
22.0            4920


"The spindle draws about 1A from my own testing, somehow it is different from the factory specifications. I would suggest using a different power supply for the spindle motor, I feel it is safer that way and less likely to interfere with other driving components. " (Zen)

Bracket Assembly

Bracket Assembly Modeled.png

To assemble and mount the Spindle kit:

  1. take the winged/rear bracket and place it on the surface of the z-axis plate
  2. screw them into place using the pre-drilled holes on the mounting plate using the shorter screws
  3. (optional) hold your spindle motor in place against the rear bracket
  4. line up the front bracket against the rear bracket
  5. using the available pre-drilled holes, screwing them into the rear bracket with the long screws

Note - You can slide the spindle motor into the space from the top or bottom if you wish to start the screws first

External links

Jacobs 3 Jaw 0.3-4mm JTO - Direct Industry Chuck & Bits Catalog (PDF)

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