Nema 17 Stepping Motor

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Nema 17 Stepping Motor (42BYGH47-401A)

The Nema17 Stepper motor is sold as part of the Zen Toolworks CNC DIY 7x7" kits

(Jan 01, 2012) Notice: We have started using the new Shinano Nema 17 motor...

The Shinano NEMA 17 (all Zen 7" Models)
Data Sheet: View PDF Document

General Information
(some details may not apply to the new Shinano motor. Please double check where you can and let us know if you see anything in error)

Model #: 42BYGH47-401A (Single Shaft)
Step Angle: 1.8°
Voltage: 2.8VDC
Amperage: 1.68A
Phase Resistance: 1.65Ω(ohms)
Imductance: 2.8mH
Holding Torque: 62 oz/in. | 4400 gf/cm.
Leads (Wires): 4
Inertia: 68 g/cm2

The wiring of the 4 leads are ordered as:

  • RED - Phase A
  • BLUE - Phase A Return
  • GREEN - Phase B
  • BLACK - Phase B Return

Technical Details

Technical details apply to the Single Shaft 42BYGH47-401
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External Links - Ali Express Wholesalers is the only website found referencing this particular model #. - IMS Home has the Nema 17 but does not indicate what model #. Good amount of info and organized nicely!

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