Morgan's EMC2 Config for TB6560 driver

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This is my set up for the 7x7 machine using EMC2 and the TB6560 driver. My set up has been through lots of testing and is very accurate for my machine.


The step time and the hold time are at 2000 because it worked out better this way then at the default.


The amplifier enable is for the z-axis motor enable. If the computer is connected this is on turning on the z-axis motor

The charge pump 0 is for the y-axis enable. Since it is normally off when inverted it will be set to high meaning that the y-axis motor is also enabled. The same goes with the x axis.

The inversion of the x-axis direction is strictly for taste. This table travel makes the most sense to me as I am watching.

xaxis+(Modified).png yaxis+(Modified).png zaxis+(Modified).png

Due to the timing I had to place the lead screw pitch to 10.12. This resulted in the same accuracy but is much more repeatable in testing.

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