Mach3 Limit Switch Installation Instructions

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After installing your Mach3 controls and setting up your machine, you can also install limit switches to stop the machine from moving past its limits, and/or an emergency stop button to immediately shut off power to the machine.


Table of Contents:

Installling the Limit Switches and E-stop Button
Step 1: The overall setup
Step 2: X-axis switches locations
Step 3: Y-axis switches locations
Step 4: Z-axis switches locations
Step 5: Tripping the Z-axis switches
Step 6: Connecting the homing switches to the breakout board
Step 7: Connecting the limit switches and E-stop button to the breakout board
Step 8: Wiring the switches
Note: Continuing after triggering a limit switch


How to Install Limit Switches and E-stop Button


Arduino Limit 001.jpg

1. You will need to install 6 limit switches on your machine, 2 switches for each axis. These switches should be placed where the lever will be pressed once an axis limit has been exceeded. Using the standard 3D coordinate system FOR THE SPINDLE where positive X is to the right, positive Y is to the back, and positive Z is up, label your switches as X-home, X-limit, Y-home, Y-limit, Z-home, and Z-limit.


Arduino Limit 002.jpg

2. The X-axis switches should be installed so that the bearing on the lever will contact the closest perpendicular surface. The red line denotes what the bearing should line up with.


Arduino Limit 003 new.jpg

3. The same principle applies for the Y-axis switches, which should be installed so that the lever will contact the vertical surface, underneath the work platform...


Arduino Limit 004.jpg

4. … and the Z-axis switches.


Arduino Limit 005.jpg

5. For the Z-axis switches, you will have to add tabs to be able to press the switches. The tabs must be long enough to go past the line of action for the bearings, but also be rigid enough not to deflect when pressing the lever.


Mach3 Home Switch Wiring.jpg

6. Connect your three homing switches to their respective ports on the breakout board. The positive wires go into axis-specific ports while the negative wire goes into the common ground port.


Mach3 Limit Switch and E-stop Wiring.jpg

7. Connect all three limit switches to the two ports as in the photo, positive wires to the first port and negative wires to the sixth port.


Mach3 Limit E-stop 008.jpg

8. Connect your wires to their respective switches. The positive wires go to the COM port, and the negative wires go the NC port. If the switches don't work, you can move the negative wires to the NO port. (Test them first, and when they all work, solder the wires onto the switches. Remember to consider your safety and those around you when you do so.)

Make sure that all your wires are not in the way of any moving parts on your machine.


Mach3 limit triggered.jpg

NOTE: When a limit switch is pressed, the Mach3 program will go into Emergency Stop mode, and you'll need to press the Reset button to continue your project.

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