Linux and EMC2 Installation and Configuration Guide

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Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC2)

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From the LinuxCNC.Org website:

Because EMC is a global project (with users and developers around the world), there are various places that contain documentation of the EMC project.

  • The Download page for EMC
  • HTML Documentation for the current release (best for online viewing)
    • All documentation in ( html )
  • PDF Documentation for the current release (best for offline viewing):
    • Getting Started Guide - a short guide for getting and installing EMC2. ( pdf )
    • User Manual - an extensive document about using EMC2. ( pdf )
    • Integrators Manual - a more advanced document for machine builders. ( pdf )
    • HAL Manual - documentation for the realtime hardware abstraction layer ( pdf )
    • Component and command reference ( pdf )
  • Community maintained wiki with lots of information and examples.
  • Lots of tips in the Frequently Asked Questions area
  • Various Technical Articles describe EMC internals & usage
  • Documentation for the unreleased development version is available here.


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