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Current state

  • Machine has been assembled
  • Ordered a 24V 12.A power supply
  • Probably want a separate supply for the spindle
  • Need to figure out how to control the spindle
  • Need to prep a machine and install EMC2



  • In order to test the stepper motor drivers I wrote a simple Arduino sketch to just generate pulses and direction signals. You can find the source for it and a description on the Arduino Stepper Test Program page.

Blog postings

Here are some blog postings related to my efforts to build a CNC machine. The blog is a testament to how my assumptions on how to solve various problems changes over time -- informed by the good folk on the Zen Toolworks Google Group and others. :-)

Some pictures from the assembly

Here are some images from my assembly of the machine. The guy in the pictures is my friend Ståle who helped me assemble the machine. There is a blog entry about the build itself on my blog.

4397113155_30cc4c58cd_m.jpg 4397113259_57e4bcd155_m.jpg 4397879946_5e1b3fc409_m.jpg 4397880040_8576cf9d76_m.jpg 4397113545_39bde4c847_m.jpg 4397113621_2713cb0be5_m.jpg 4397113691_ab65cdc8cf_m.jpg 4397880294_a0d1f40806_m.jpg 4397113853_e73517f800_m.jpg 4397113923_a9530cb14b_m.jpg 4397114077_8c045f220f_m.jpg 4397880502_ca86d20d98_m.jpg 4375232801_f2ee322d97_m.jpg

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